Located in Galvez Plaza at the intersection of the city’s civic and cultural districts, the structure frames seemingly disparate structures from City Hall to the Old State Capitol to the Mississippi River Bridge to a tree-lined boulevard and Town Square, providing unique and varying views of the downtown skyline. The structure itself will cantilever a distance of 70 feet, with the canopy supported by a structural steel frame clad in 14 gauge stainless steel plate. For musical performances, a modular system of general purpose trusses can be assembled on site and attached to support sound and lighting and provide shelter from the elements for performances to different orientations. The stage gradually arcs from side to side, eliminating the need for access ramps and creating a flexible structure that can accommodate a broad range of venue types. When not used for performances, the structure serves as an outdoor gathering space, allowing this public sculpture to take on a new purpose of bringing together people from the different walks of the life who traverse the plaza to and from the civic and cultural buildings.